Tiny Blocks

Think outside the blocks.

Tiny Blocks is a collection of generative art NFT projects that live on the ethereum blockchain. Each piece of art is 100% unique.

Find a piece that connects with you.



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What is Tiny Blocks?

Tiny Blocks is an generative-based NFT art collection. The goal is to make approachable generative art for everyone. Art drops are in limited supply and are focused on uniquely generated artwork from a predefined algorithm.

It’s about the art.

Tiny Blocks is about bringing approachable generative art to the NFT world. Generative art comes in many forms and we want to show the world of the creative possibilities in this dynamic medium.

How does it work?

Each piece of artwork is derived from a unique crytpographic transation hash which allows each piece of artwork to be 100% unique. When art drops are initiated you will be able to “mint” the artist’s Non-Fungible Token. NFT Drops will be limited to a small number so be sure to stay up to date with when drops are planned (Keep up to date on Twitter or Discord).

Who is the team?

Currently Tiny Blocks is run by a single individual, Greyblok on Twitter, but known as Jay Dev on Discord.